Monday, February 7, 2011

A poem.

"You've never felt pain until you've felt love." -unknown.

A poem I wrote for the one I love:

Two years I've  stood strong for you, like a soldier prepared for war.
Ready for anything, expecting nothing.
Two years I've given my heart to you in hopes that you fix it, as it was broken when we met.
I came to you when I was confused, numb and alone, looking for something that would ease the pain of my thoughtlessness.
Two years and I've grown to adore you, you have  became my world. In these same two years, I've hated you for some of the things you put me through
Your love tastes so bittersweet, so addicting.
The memory of past love mars my mind, I gave him up for you.
Two years and he's moved on, I can't fault him because I moved on too..with you.
I never even looked back, I was selfish. I got what I wanted. And ultimately, he has gotten what he deserves, her.
Two years and we are still here, both secretly scared by relationships that didn't go as planned.
We  love each other, that's  one thing I know.  Two years later, it's incredibly HARD to let the one I love go...

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