Sunday, February 13, 2011

Eat animal crackers, NOT animals!

So, as most of you know I've made a  pledge to myself to make 2011 a year of new found spirituality and all around healthier living. I'm committed and willing to make certain lifestyle changes if I feel  they will help me to live a more positive, fulfilling life. I've made a conscious to become a vegetarian, I want to do this because I feel it's better for the environment, and my body. I've eaten meat all of my life so I know that the transition to a no meat diet probably won't be an easy one. Last night, I  ordered my first veggie pizza, which I found was surprisingly good. I want to make sure that my nutrition isn't sacrificed so I've made it my business to do as much research as I can on what I need to do as a vegetarian to keep a balanced diet. I'm waiting on the arrival of a book I ordered from Amazon cleverly titled, "Living Vegetarian for Dummies". It discusses things like, the benefits of of choosing a vegetarian lifestyle, making grocery lists, what do when you're the only vegetarian in the house, and how to eat when going to a restaurant. I'm excited to try some of the dishes the book includes too, i'm not really that big on trying new things, so I'll  just look at this whole experience as an opportunity to "broden my horizons". As always though, i'll keep everyone posted as to what's going on with me..

* Now, the vid i'm posting isn't for people with weak stomachs, and if you're an animal lover like me, it'll be hard to sit through. After seeing how cruelly the animals in this video were treated, it made me want to stop eating meat all together. Get ready your. meat.


  1. Very catchy title!! My sister was a vegetarian for a while and seemed to like it.

  2. I know a lot of vegetarians and once you get into a groove you will be just fine. That book should help a lot! I do eat meat, but I often eat like a vegetarian, so I'll share some tricks that I know about with you!